Best Practices 1

Title: Career Counselling & Students Mentoring System

Objectives: Providing awareness regarding career opportunities and overall growth.

The Context: To provide students with carreer counselling and psychological well-being.

The Practice: This practice is adopted to create awareness on opting courses of their career choice among students

Evidence of Success: Lesser grievances along with a better teacher-student relationship was observed. Counseling sessions helped students to chalk out their overall growth.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: As the practice is implemented successfully, disengagement and frustration among students was a major problem which preceded off-task behaviour.

Best Practices 2

Title: Free Health check- ups and awareness.

Objectives: To check Health problems of people from neighbouring areas and create awareness regarding illnesses, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle issues.

Context: Considering diseases which influence the student's health the college has adopted the policy free health check-ups.

Practice: Free health check-ups and follow ups are provided by MLT Department.

Evidence of Success: This practice has succeeded in developing awareness about illnesses. The students and staff members avail this facility.

Problems Encountered: Initially people were reluctant for testing due to heavy expenses but as the check-ups are free the people were convinced.

Best Practices

The college is the first choice and a dream destination for the budding sports talent all over the region because the institution supports and nurtures talent in youth by providing them best of the infrastructure, equipment, coaching facilities and competition exposure for their overall development. The College is enriched with the following sports facilities:

Our Proud Javelin Thrower Sandeep Chaudhary Tokyo 2020 paralympian interacting with honourable Prime Minister

(A) Sports Centre of Excellence

1. An indoor shooting range (10 mtr, for rifle and pistol)

2. A football ground(grass):179865 Sq feet

3. A hockey ground5-A side astro turf

4. Hockey ground grass:159166 Sq feet

5. 400 mts Standard track

6. Basketball court cemented

7. Volley ball courts (2)

8. Badminton courts (3)

9. Archery range: 100614 ft.

10. Open Gym and Wall Bars Facility

11. Multipurpose Gymnasium

12. Water sports center

The Institution is serving youth not only at the local level but our catchment areas extend beyond the boundaries of the state. The timings for trainings of various games are flexible and in accordance with the schedules of the students studies. Training is provided by trained experts who themselves have earned a good repute in the concerned game. The college Sports Complex provides extension services to the community as they are used for recreational and fitness activities.

(b) Adoption of Non-teaching Staff Scheme

The non-teaching employees are the real backbone and support of any institution. Their physical and mental well-being affects the output generated by them. They are less educated and hence are not able to tackle their problems with competence. To aid these members, this practice was augmented.

  • This practice also helps understand the struggles, stresses and strains these people go through without sharing their pain, and at times land in the hands of wrong people who can misuse them.
  • Awareness regarding higher studies for themselves or their children becomes the responsibility of the adoptive employee.
  • If they face some sort of problems like serious health issues, family problems, studies, wellbeing of their children and if the adoptive employee cannot handle the concern alone, then the matter is brought to the notice of the Principal and other concerned committees and a positive solution is sought.