Sr No. Date Title Click to View
1 11-11-2020 Bem's Theory of Self Perception
2 10-10-2020 Grammar Translation Method( Pedagogy of English)
3 10-10-2020 Inclusive Education-I (Learner and Learning Process)
4 10-10-2020 Hands on Experience on Google Keep by Dr. Manu Chadha
5 10-10-2020 Concept of Life Skill Education
6 10-10-2020 Inclusive Education (Part II)- Dr. Jasbir Kaur Sarna
7 10-10-2020 Approaches of Educational Planning by Dr. Jasbir Kaur Sarna
8 10-10-2020 Yashpal Committee Report-Dr Jasvir Kaur
9 15-09-2020 Education in the Vedic Period ( History of Education) II Dr. Jasleen Kaur II History of Education
10 15-09-2020 Geometrical Design with paper Cutting and Paste By Dr. Davinder Kaur Dhatt
11 15-09-2020 Normal Probability Curve by Dr. Rachhpal Singh
12 15-09-2020 Role of Home Language in Classroom Instructions by Dr Jagjit Singh
13 22-08-2020 Mind Master software by Dr Ramandeep Kaur Sidhu
14 22-08-2020 Insert Learning by Dr Ramandeep Kaur Sidhu
15 29-07-2020 Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy of Counselling
16 29-07-2020 Continuing Professional Development- Teacher Education
17 29-07-2020 Concept of Education (Philosophical Bases of Education)