Fee Structure of B.Ed. for the Colleges of Education covered under 95 % Deficit Grant-in-Aid Scheme of Punjab Govt. - w.e.f. Session 2019-20 95 % Deficit Fund (Yearly)

B.Ed. Fee Structure

M.Ed. Fee Structure


  1. Smoking, Drinking and taking of any type of intoxicants are forbidden in the college premises.
  2. Pupil - Teacher should wear simple, neat, clean and teacher like dress.
  3. It is moral duty of all the students to protect the college property.
  4. Attendance in all the college functions is compulsory.
  5. Fine once imposed will not be remitted.
  6. During the college timing, the students cannot leave their classes to attend the guests.
  7. The boys are not allowed to enter the girls common room.
  8. No relative is allowed to meet the girls without the prior permission of the principal.
  9. In the college the students, boys and girls are not allowed to celebrate their birthday, marriage or any other party. Defaulters will be severely dealt with.
  10. N.S.S. is compulsory for all the students of B.Ed.
  11. The text-books prescribed for study must be procured immediately after admission.
  12. No student will be allowed to accept any employment during the courses of training.
  13. Ragging is strictly banned in the college as well as in the hostel. Those who violate this rule shall be strictly dealt with.
  14. Bus Pass facility is available as per Punjab Govt. Rules.