The objective of Governing Council is to cater to the educational, cultural, social, moral and spiritual needs of the youth of rural area in particular and public in general and to inspire them with the right spirit of service and sacrifice as taught and practised by the 'Sikh Gurus' and thus to make them intelligent and useful citizens of the world with a universal outlook.

Dr. Harpreet Singh

Dr. Harpreet Singh

With the benign blessings of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, this college has made tremendous progress in academics, sports and all other related fields. Starting with a humble beginning in 1948, the college has now attained a very respectable position. And the credit for all this goes to our worthy Governing Council, the dedicated and professionally qualified faculty, both teaching and the non-teaching, and above all to our hard-working, diligent and committed students. On behalf of our Governing Council and the staff, I assure you that this great institution was, is and will always be committed to the service of the society and to the all-round development of our students by providing best of the infrastructural and educational facilities within the affordable means.