The GHG Khalsa College has a vibrant, enthusiastic and forward thinking community, rich in diversity and circumstance.We are committed to creating a friendly and welcoming campus where staff and students work closely together within a supportive environment which enables them to participate fully in the life of the College. The Institute wants to attract people of high potential to study and work here and this includes people who are living with a disability or long term health condition. Some people may not require any extra support, but for others making 'reasonable adjustments' will enable them to flourish.

The objective of the policy is to ensure that students and staff members of the College with disabilities or long term health needs have access to both facilities and a learning environment wherever reasonably possible, comparable to that of their non-disabled peers. This policy recognises that disabled staff and students are an integral part of the Institute.

Policy :

Ensure that anticipatory action is taken as far as is reasonably practicable to provide inclusive working, learning and teaching and access to our facilities and services.

Ensure that wherever possible reasonable adjustments are put in place for staff, students, prospective staff and students and visitors with disabilities.

Provide equality of opportunity for differently abled staff and students to promote the recruitment, retention, development and progression of disabled staff and students.

Promote a positive working environment for diffently abled staff by making reasonable adjustments such as reallocation of duties, altering working hours, changing work location, modifying equipment, consideration of other roles.

Promote a positive working environment for diffently abled students by making appropriate alternative exam arrangements, provision of lectures and notes in advance and help with accessing external resources.


A member of staff or student who feels they have been unfairly treated or discriminated against on the grounds of disability may raise a complaint through the Grievance Redressal Cell or the Committee for Differently Abled.

The Committee is Committed to scheduled two meetings for the cause of equality for the differently abled in the Institute annually.